Monday, November 24, 2008

End-of-semester blues

Hi all, it's about 15 minutes until the start of my Torts class, and I was just wasting time on a school computer when it occurred to me to write you a little update.
Since my last post, I've had a super productive weekend getting the apartment ready for Mom's Thanksgiving visit, stocking up on groceries, and starting outlines for final exams in my classes. (Didn't get too far in that department, but just getting started feels like quite an accomplishment.)
Weather has been a little wild lately. This weekend was the coldest it's been all year- I'm not sure we rose above freezing more than a couple of times between Thursday and Sunday. Russell and I spent a lot of that time running errands, so we are now intimately familiar with what 28 degrees feels like in windy Massachusetts! However, it warmed back up today and should reach the mid-40's most of this week (good news for a visit from my uninitiated mom.)
Meanwhile, my case for TAP has stalled somewhat. My partner contacted the BHA about retrieving our client's records and is being given the run-around. I wish they'd get their act together so we can help our tenant!
With classes ending so soon, things are still pretty tense around here. Everyone is beginning to worry about finals, not to mention being on pins and needles waiting for the results of our elective registration to post online tomorrow morning.
I'll let you know whenever there's news on any of these fronts- for now, hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!

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