Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A shot in the arm

Well, I've been intending to follow that last, very sad post with a happier one almost since the moment I wrote it. I apologize for taking so long to get around to it! Even now, I only have about 15 minutes before class. But I wanted to let you all know that I'm feeling much better.
One reason is that my lovely friend Anush, whom I mentioned a few posts back when she had just been admitted to HLS, was in town the past few days for Admitted Students Weekend. She was a delightful houseguest, and Russell and I had a grand time convincing her to come here (mostly by showing her our favorite places to eat and shop- Harvard itself took care of the rest!) 

Better yet, seeing HLS through Anush's eyes for a few days put me through a kind of law school renaissance. Her enjoyment of my Leadership in the Public Sector class, which she visited Monday, made me feel newly lucky to be in such a fun, engaging course. And her nervous questions about the Socratic method reminded me what a rush it was to speak up in class or get an answer right for the first time. Remembering that has made these past few days almost as fun as my first week here.

This feeling couldn't have come at a better time, because classes have gone on just a little too long without a break, and everyone here is beginning to burn out. I remember thinking early last week, "I am never going to make it to spring break if I'm this checked-out already!" Yet here I am, just three days away from a nonstop flight to Austin, and El Paso after that. 

I'll have plenty of work to bring with me, of course. (Would this be Harvard if I didn't?) But the freedom to schedule it around plenty of sleep, warm weather, Alamo Drafthouse trips, tex-mex, and quality time with my mom, dad, and baby sister sounds downright miraculous right about now. 

Until then, the afterglow of a wonderful visit from a friend ought to carry me through. The tulips blooming in my neighbor's flower bed aren't bad either- perhaps spring is finally coming to Boston, and by the time I return from break, I'll be able to put the winter coats away! 

There's a cheery thought.


mimi said...

You are such a trooper.

Anush said...

I'm very glad you enjoyed it (almost) as much as I did.