Friday, July 10, 2009


So I came up with a punny way to post about two recent experiences at once. Here goes, and we'll see if it's as cute as I imagined it.

I saw my clinician (which is apparently what she's called) at Mental Health Services again yesterday. Just as before, the chemistry was a little bit like:

Get it?? I'm comparing her to the fireworks we saw over the Charles on July 4!

Kidding aside, the woman is my new hero, and her comforting can-do seriousness is a big part of how much better I'm feeling. Although the light box, the 48 hours of natural sunshine we're having, the ongoing visit from my mom, and the big white seagulls flying past my office window shouting "MINE? MINE?" don't hurt.

Hope all of you are doing great as well. Lots of love coming your way from Cambridge. And plenty of interesting, non-mental-health-related posts before long, too. I swear!

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mimi said...

I get it. Also, I am relieved that "an ongoing visit from my mom" counts as one of the sunny things going on in your life. It certainly was an enormous bright spot in mine (to keep the metaphor going).