Wednesday, August 26, 2009


This little dude brought a recent card game between Russell, Anush, and me to a screeching halt no less than three times by lying down right on top of the cards.

He is increasingly social and affectionate, but still reacts badly if anyone tries to move him when he picks an inconvenient spot. We were pretty much forced to wait him out.

Anush, who loves to milk his resemblance to a certain German dictator, kept us entertained with a stream of comments like, “You know, Hitler had expansionist policies, too.”


cast in the name of god, ye not guilty said...

Hehe, what a cutie. Glad to see you still have time to have some fun! I hope you have a great semester!

mimi said...

I say "you go, Omar"! Why not take advantage of the situation to rule the roost?