Monday, October 19, 2009

White & early

You'll never believe what went on outside my window yesterday afternoon (unless you tuned into a national weather forecast around then, I suppose.)

I bounced back and forth like a pinball between being tickled and outraged by this, considering it waited until December to snow last year and no one wants the four-month New England winter to be more like six. I also had to walk to a meeting for my Community Action for Social and Economic Rights class in it, which was charming on the way out but not so much on the way home in the dark.

Either way, it didn't stick, so this morning the sun is shining and the ground is dry. And the forecast tells me our temperatures will be back in the sixties later this week, so maybe this was the pleasant fluke we all hope it was.


ivy lea said...

Please forgive the shaky camera - I was holding it over my head to avoid the screen on the bottom half of the window!

mimi said...

Wow. Wow. Wow.

cast in the name of god, ye not guilty said...

So cool!!!!!