Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ch- ch- changes

So I pretty much hate this time of year: the time change just pushed sunset forward an hour, and a good portion of each day seems suddenly plunged into darkness. It's messing with everyone, but for obvious reasons, it's especially messing with me. I wake up easily enough with sunrise also an hour early, but by noon it feels like late afternoon, and by four o'clock it feels like nighttime.

Luckily, while it's been a busy week, it hasn't been too busy for either a quick nap after lunch or a couple of hours watching TV with Omar most afternoons. These chances to recharge may be the only reason I don't collapse prior to 8 p.m. every day - I am seriously dragging fanny! So forgive me if this post isn't the most comprehensive update on my life.

Right now Russell is out getting a haircut, and I'm hanging out in bed with Omar, which is a perfect opportunity to blog except that I don't feel like writing very much. So maybe a few cute pictures from the past week or so will suffice?

Some shots of Omar I've been taking in the afternoons

Results of our pumpkin carving party

Monsters I carved (hard to see because they go all the way around)

Skull Russell carved

Anush's scary robot

Albert's very impressive HLS shield


In love with Omar yesterday

Well, readers, that's all I've got in me. Hope you're satisfied for now!

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mimi said...

Great pictures!