Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CASER Closed

If you can't otherwise tell it's finals time, the fact that I have barely had time to blog for Admissions, much less here, is a pretty good sign!
However, here's a post that describes much of last week - the last week of any real obligations for my Community Action for Social and Economic Rights, or CASER, class. Unfortunately, the visit from my teens predicted at the end of the post didn't happen - extenuating circumstances were going to keep multiple group members from coming, and it seemed better to reschedule. If there's one thing I've learned from working with at-risk teenagers, it's to expect everything to happen an hour late, at half-speed, or on the second try at scheduling it. So no big deal.

More updates on finals and the end of this crazy semester soon, I hope!

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mimi said...

I'm sorry your group wasn't able to come to class. I know that you were excited about the topic during that session.

I love these admissions blogs. I feel so informed!!