Monday, February 22, 2010

She's a dream

We are enjoying our new cat, Ramona, so much.

When I first brought her home from the shelter, she walked around purring at the top of her lungs and rubbing her face on every surface she encountered, especially us. It was like she recognized her new home for what it was and could never express her gratitude if she took even a moment to breathe. We started calling her Love Machine because she wanted to be touched every waking second.

We also called her our little motorboat, because all the purring sounded almost like an engine propelling her around the place.

We're out of that honeymoon phase now, and her personality is becoming a bit more balanced and cat-like. She purrs less often, but now she meows all the time instead, and it's an adorable scratchy little meow we never get tired of hearing. Unfortunately, as she recovers from being spayed, we find her channeling excess energy into some pretty rough play. Our fingers and feet are suffering a little as we learn how to use toys to keep her worn out! But responding the first time she cries for attention, instead of making her wait and resort to other measures, has helped too.

Ramona's big social debut will be this Friday, when we're having a bunch of friends over to celebrate Russell's birthday and play with the new Wii I bought him. We think everyone will notice quite a difference from Omar! And we look forward to many more years with this funny, spoiled girl, during which I'm sure you'll hear plenty more about her.


Chestnut said...

She's beautiful, Lea! I'm so glad you have another kitty to love, to fill your hearts :) I hope to come to Boston soon to meet her! Take care!

mimi said...

I love the picture with the stringy thingy over her head. Priceless. I can't believe I am going to have to wait until October to meet our little princess!

Juliet said...

She is beautiful! I love her mishmash of markings!