Sunday, March 28, 2010


I can't believe the week I just had, or at least I can't believe I made it through without a nervous breakdown.
On Thursday morning, as I got ready to be at school past 10 p.m. for the second day in a row and past dinnertime for the fourth, it occurred to me that I might actually go all week without sitting down to a meal that wasn't also a class or meeting. I've joked before that you know you're a 2L in public interest when you think of class as a good opportunity to have lunch, but I didn't know just how true that was until now.

Some of what happened is complicated and some confidential, but I'll give you the highlights:
  • Catching up on Constitutional Law readings only to have to do the same for Housing Law and Corporations
  • Scrambling to plan another workshop for my at-risk Boston teens
  • Having to leave actually leading that workshop to my partner because our ride to Dorchester was half an hour late, and if I correspondingly got back to Cambridge late I would miss seeing dear friends compete in the Ames Moot Court semifinals
  • Seeing those friends demolish the competition and become Ames finalists, a huge deal at Harvard, but then doing a lot of congratulatory socializing I really had no time to do
  • Giving up lunchtimes to my Community Action partner, TAP Intake Committee, and mandatory (though admittedly great) movie screenings for Corporations class
  • Training a team of 1Ls on technical editing for my journal... at 9 p.m., because it was the only time they all had free
  • And last, but most definitely not least, dropping everything to work late into the night on a court complaint I was wildly under-qualified to write, for a client who spent the last week calling our office to complain about me, but whom no one else would help because of a 24-hour-away filing deadline my supervisor had failed to mention a week earlier, when some (qualified) legal services office could probably still have helped. Seriously.
I'm done being angry over some of these things that really screwed me, but it's taken a lot of opportunities to blow off steam. Like our friend Ryan's birthday party late Friday night over tapas and too much sangria, then breakfast with Anush Saturday morning, followed by a moving and funny conference in honor of my beloved, very sick, 1L Criminal Law professor. Then there were the three hours of shopping and another (more fun, because it was also with Anush) technical edit training for my journal, then the lovely Spring Progressive Formal at Harvard's Peabody Museum to round out the night.

Thank god. Because if this is the storm I referred to last post, then the calm was a lot shorter than I expected. And if it isn't, then I am not looking forward to finding out what is.


mimi said...

Wow, girl. You have had a week! At the risk of sounding shallow, I have to ask: What did you wear to the formal???

ivy lea said...

Weirdly, my junior prom dress - the reddish one from BCBG - was the only thing I had shoes, sweater, jewelry etc. to match. I had to ask around whether it was too snug first. Russell said yes (but that I should wear it anyway), Anush said no so that clinched it. (: