Monday, May 31, 2010

A beginning

I start work at my first of two summer internships tomorrow! I just got back from having frozen yogurt at the shop down the street as a "last night of freedom" treat for myself. Now I plan to turn in early, read a little of my book, and try to make my early wake-up call tomorrow a bit easier. Having taken a few early yoga classes lately should also help, but I'm trying not to overestimate how much.
To give you an idea of what I'll be doing at work, here is my last post of the school year to Harvard's admissions blog:

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Good luck :)

mimi said...

I am glad to have, in writing, a description of your internships this summer. Makes it much easier when people ask what you are doing.

Michael said...

Belatedly best of luck - I hope things went (and *are* going) well for you! :-)

joven said...

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