Friday, October 22, 2010

Pretty rotten

Okay, time for a break from the seriousness of last post!

I was looking through some old photos recently, and I noticed that I had a whole lot of photos of our former cat, Omar, but only a few of Ramona, our current one. Partly this must be due to the novelty of cat ownership in general wearing off with time. But partly it's funny, because Ramona is just about the most beautiful and photogenic cat in the history of, well, cats.

Ramona is so beautiful (and yet so comically chubby, grouchy, spoiled, uncoordinated, and loud at the exact same time) that Russell and I find ourselves singing a pretty specific song to her almost every day. I was definitely humming it during a little photo shoot we had the other afternoon, in hopes of putting a dent in that photo deficit I noticed.

So here it is, my ode to our cat:

Looking 'round the room
I can tell that you
Are the most beautiful girl
In the... room

In the whole wide room

And when you're on the street
Depending on the street
I bet that you are definitely in the top three
Good-looking girls on the street

Depending on the street...

You're so beautiful
You could be a waitress

You're so beautiful
You could be an air hostess in the 60's

You're so beautiful
Like a tree
Like some ceramics or something...

You're so beautiful
You could be a part-time model
But you'd probably have to keep your normal job

A part time model
You could spend part of your time modeling
and part of your time
next to meeee...

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