Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nino et al.

Today the whole school is in a twitter because Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is on campus to give a lecture. Half the student body must be packed into the Ames Courtroom as I type- I think it says something about our general nerdiness that this is a much bigger deal than when Alec Baldwin showed up for a talk on fathers in family law a few weeks ago.

It made for an interesting day: one of my classmates found out that Scalia actually taught Legislation and Regulation to Section 4 this morning! (After which I spent most of lunchtime swapping "Dude, we go to Harvard Law" moments with him and a few others- turns out I'm not alone.) Later, I learned that another classmate once had a boss who called all the Supreme Court Justices by their first names or nicknames, and Scalia's is "Nino."

Now, "Nino" is hardly my favorite Supreme Court Justice, but I'd probably be in Ames with everyone else if I weren't in desperate need for some time at home during this unusually long day. Thursdays are always longest for my section because of their spread-out class schedule, but today I have Tenant Advocacy Project training tacked on from 6 to 9 at night, too. So at 3:30, when Legal Research and Writing let out early for Scalia's speech, I couldn't resist heading home for a little bit. (Maybe I could have resisted for Ruth Bader Ginsburg- but hey, someday I may just get the chance.)

Either way, walking home only to come back in two hours proved surprisingly worthwhile, because being outdoors in Cambridge today is a joy: the weather is crisp and sunny, with just a hint of fall color starting to show up on the trees. Combined with the fact that tomorrow is Friday, and I finished all tonight's reading during breaks today so I could watch the Vice Presidential debate this evening, and Russell's job placement with the Harvard Disability Services Coordinator is going swimmingly, and Thai is on the menu at TAP training tonight... this makes for a pretty good feeling overall.

Hoping you're all just as happy- if maybe a little less busy. Until next time, love to everyone!

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mimi said...

You are doing a great job keeping family informed about what is going on with you. I know you are strapped for time, so wanted to say thanks.

I wouldn't have made the effort to see Scalia, either. But I will definitely come see YOU speak when YOU are a supreme court justice!