Monday, February 23, 2009

Looking ahead, looking behind

I'm writing today from my new favorite cozy nook on campus. It's a cluster of orange velvet armchairs on the third floor of the library, which is really more of a balcony overlooking the lobby on the second floor. Since the big reading room is another floor up, hardly anyone stops here, and the little tables nearby with built-in chess boards make it a cute place to hang out between classes.
This has been another busy week- surprise, surprise! My search for a summer job has heated up, and I had my second interview last week- this time with a great organization called the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI). The first interview, with Greater Boston Legal Services, didn't go too great. Blaming that on nerves, I decided to consider it a practice run for the MLRI interview, which I cared a little more about getting right. I loosened up a lot, and lo and behold, I did great- I got an offer for a second interview, with the lawyer who would actually be supervising me. I'm going back next Tuesday to meet her!

This interview business makes life a little crazy on top of all the brief writing, TAP work, journal meetings, and regular classes I've got going on. Everyone at HLS is basically expected to spend their summers working, and a lot of mechanisms are in place to help us find the best positions. A lot- probably most- students choose "summer associate" positions at law firms, which come right to campus to conduct interviews. Those of us interested in public interest fields like government, non-profits, NGOs etc. aren't so lucky- hence my recent "schlep" (as my interviewer put it) to MLRI's downtown Boston offices. But at least Harvard mitigates the other disadvantage of such internships, which is that they're usually unpaid, by providing $5,000 in Summer Public Interest Funding (SPIF) to those of us who take them.

I hope this Mass Law Reform job pans out, because I really liked their location, the people, and the fact that they keep two dogs in the office! But I've also been offered an interview with another division of Greater Boston Legal Services (the bad interview was Housing, this is Welfare) and will find out soon if I got one at the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office, too. These are all great organizations, so in the shocking event that I get more than one offer, deciding will be really hard. I will probably wish that only one had wanted me, but I'll also look back with relief on the days after that first GBLS interview, when I felt so afraid that I wouldn't get anything at all.

In the meantime, I have plenty to occupy my time. I still have my Property class this afternoon, for instance. But more exciting is the fact that Russell's birthday is today (happy birthday, Russell!) and we celebrated with pizza, beer, and Oscar-watching last night. I really enjoyed the show and was mostly happy about who won, and I was especially glad to see Russell feeling better after a weekend with a cold.

Also, it's a good thing he feels better, because our long-awaited SKI TRIP is coming up this Saturday! We're joining a social organization from Harvard on a bus up to Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, for a day. I've already had ski gear shipped here from my parents' various homes in Texas and bought waterproof pants for Russell, who had none because he's never been. This, of course, means he's even more excited than me.

Well, I should get going to Property, but I hope everyone is well. Wish me luck on the interviews (and skiing!) and good luck on whatever is ahead for you.

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Blessings for the perfect internship.