Thursday, February 26, 2009


So a dear friend of mine from Austin was just admitted to Harvard Law, and even though she seems highly inclined to come here, I've been making a big show of trying to convince her. 
Partly, this involves offering to house her when she comes for Admitted Students Weekend in March. But it also involves sending her e-mails and text messages whenever something happens that I think she should add to an ongoing list of (mostly silly) reasons to attend HLS. I'm really enjoying myself with this, so I thought I'd share the reasons I've come up with so far:

#1 is, of course, me. (These come in order of when I thought of them, not importance. I'm definitely not the top reason to come to Harvard, just the one I thought of first.)

#2 is free coffee.

#3 is Bob Slate, the amazing stationery store in Harvard Square.

#4 is having classmates like mine. (Attached to this one was a hilarious e-mail from a guy in my section describing our intramural basketball team's recent victory over the section that creamed us in the 1L Cup last semester.)

#5 is the free snack cart the school sets up each Wednesday in hopes of making it up to us that a remote corner of campus is under construction.

#6 is how badly prestigious organizations want our students' free summer labor.

This has been a fun exercise, since it's so easy in the heat of my studies to get too tired, busy, or nonchalant to stop and be happy about where I go to school. I'm sure I'll come up with a ton more reasons, and maybe I'll update you when I do. (If you have any suggestions from reading this blog, feel free to let me know!)