Monday, April 27, 2009

In bloom

Of course, just in time for every law student at Harvard to start camping out in library carrels preparing for final exams, the weather takes a sharp turn for the better.
That's right, it's the last week of spring semester classes, which is apparently notorious for being Cambridge's first week of warmth and sunshine every year. At least I know my profound longing to go lounge outside in the grass rather than outline International Law has been shared by generations of budding legal minds.

I'm so neck-deep in that International Law outline (and Leadership case studies, catch-up Criminal Law readings, and a fascinating but inconvenient new TAP case) that I really don't have time for
 a lengthy post. But I've been thinking of you, dear readers, by making sure to snap pictures of spring in New England each time I walk to and from school.


I know, I know. One of those is a picture of flowers my mom sent me while it was still rainy, and two are of my classmates out enjoying the weather last Friday. But they seemed just as appropriate!

Hope spring is equally lovely where you are... and that you don't have to wait as long as I will to enjoy it! Wish me luck on all the fun I'll be having instead.... NOT.

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mimi said...

Beautiful!! April showers really did come through on their goal!

Break a leg on all the stuff you need to get done. The blossoms will still be there when you emerge from the library.