Sunday, April 12, 2009

Resurrection day

Happy Easter! I feel especially compelled to touch base with friends and family on holidays. They're a good reminder, even when I've been too busy to write for weeks (and probably still am), that there are people I still owe this occasional update.
For instance, I've had a whole birthday since the last time I wrote! First, I want to thank everyone who helped make mine so special- I'm sure many of those are reading and know who they are! Second, if you've ever wondered what birthdays are like at Harvard Law School, this is the blog for you.

If you're really lucky, like I was, your birthday starts with the gift of a canceled International Law class- meaning you get to spend the morning sleeping in and watching West Wing reruns on Bravo. You head to school around 1 p.m. for an enjoyable session of Crim Law, then turn in a Legal Aid Bureau application you're VERY glad to be done with, then go home for a long nap. After that, it's an exquisite dinner in the Square and a few glasses of Harvard-subsidized Sangria at the Queen's Head with friends. Perfect!

Friends, food, and classes may have obliged on my birthday, but the weather didn't. It was one of WAY TOO MANY (I'm talking WAY too many) gray, dreary, rainy days we've had in the past couple of weeks. Cambridge in April seems to maintain about a 2:1 ratio of disgusting, wet days to gorgeous, bright days, which only serves to tease us all. Luckily, on this day of rebirth, the sun is shining and the birds are singing out my window, which you better believe is open.

In other news: on Thursday I heard back about that Legal Aid Bureau application; I didn't even get an interview, which would depress me if another guy in my section, whom I think is really exceptional, didn't either. Registration for next year's classes is about to begin, and I'm starting to feel prepared, although planning my whole remaining 2 years here (which is essentially what you have to do because of prerequisites and clinicals that take several semesters to play out) is a bit daunting. And my oral arguments for the Ames competition are coming up this Tuesday; not so prepared there, I'll have to work on it today.

So I apologize for not making this update sooner, but as you can tell, a lot is going on. Between all this and everything else I haven't mentioned yet (allergies; Public Interest Auction; bit of a family medical drama in Alabama to worry about; tax season; designing new section t-shirts; House, M.D. officially jumping the shark) I've got my hands full. So wish me luck, and in return, I'll try to write again before the next major holiday. (;

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