Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Talk amongst yourselves

With my last paper for winter term finished last night, I'm feeling a brief, merciful lull before the start of spring semester. So I thought I would go back and corral a few Admissions Blog posts I'd so far neglected to re-post here. It seemed wrong to ignore them, since they're actually pretty interesting:

That last one is pretty heavily redacted from my notes of the interview, which had pages and pages of in-jokes from my section's Torts class last year. It was amazing to catch up with such a memorable professor, and I stayed in his office until nearly 5 p.m. with another student, just reminiscing. I wish more of it could be easily explained in an Admissions post, because those experiences would sell Harvard like no other. But why am I telling you this? You know.

What you may not know (because it's pretty darned random) is that my blog is coming up on its 100th post very soon! What exciting thing should I do to commemorate that? I welcome your ideas. In the meantime, I think I'll go back to enjoying my lull.


idwsj said...

I'd suggest a layout overhaul.

It's the blog equivalent of shopping for clothes. Which is how I like to celebrate things.

ivy lea said...

Is this guy reading my mind? That's exactly what I had been thinking in the days leading up to this post. I have now quit thinking, given up shopping, and commenced designing one myself! Should be ready in plenty of time for a 100th post reveal!