Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorite Thing #2

These are my two favorite trees on the whole Harvard campus.

There's another one just like them outside Adolphus Busch Hall on my street, but it can't match the sort of critical mass of gorgeousness of these two together.

Because of the hardiness and waxy texture of the flowers, I was tempted to think they were magnolias. But the pink color (much brighter in person) and the shape of the trees didn't match any magnolia trees we had back home. So I did a little research, and it turns out there are some varieties of magnolia a lot more like these. So I'm pretty certain that's what they are.

It's so nice to have them waiting, in the springtime at least, at the end of a shortcut I take to school between some ugly science buildings. Just when I start to wish I'd taken the longer, more attractive route, there they are.

I've stopped to photograph them so much more than their fair share over the years, I almost wonder if the other trees are getting jealous. But these are the ones I'm really going to miss.

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