Thursday, April 21, 2011

Favorite things

With so much of my life wrapped up in preparing to leave this place, whether it's frantically writing final papers so I can get my grades and graduate or buying a duffel-shaped carrier and one of those ridiculous cat leashes to get Ramona through security for the flight home, I thought I should expend a little energy remembering the things I've loved here.
So prepare yourself for a series of sappy posts about my favorite things at Harvard and in Cambridge. I'll try to keep the sentimentality from getting too ridiculous, but no promises.

Thing #1 is that Richard J. Lazarus, who was only visiting Harvard when he taught my first-year Torts class and became one of my all-time favorite professors, has finally been recruited to join the faculty permanently. I have no idea what it ultimately took to pull him away from Georgetown and its easy access to the Supreme Court, but I know they tried for years, and this is a big victory.

Richard J. Lazarus

According to another professor of mine, Jody Freeman, "This hire leaves no doubt that HLS is the go-to place for environmental law." But my mind is on the 1L Torts classes he'll teach with the same, surprisingly rare Harvard magic he brought to ours. I can hardly picture this institution without him, and I'm so glad he's an official part of it now.

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