Thursday, September 18, 2008

Apologies, and some news

I'm really sorry not to have posted so many days. I caught a cold over the weekend and it stuck around nearly all week- which in law school is like getting stuck in slow motion during an action-packed movie scene.

It was a rotten week to get sick, because several one-time class projects happened to come at once and all the organizations on campus apparently decided the past few days were high time to start recruiting 1L's. This meant unprecedented amounts of homework (for me at least, just my luck being early in the alphabet) combined with lots of after-hours info sessions keeping me at school past sundown.

The extracurricular scene at Harvard is extensive, and for 1L's to even wrap their heads around it (Law Review? Tenant Advocacy? Legal Aid? In Vino Veritas?) it's best to attend the many panels and info sessions different groups hold at the start of the year. Many of these- important, appealing ones included- I had to skip outright this week or I would probably pass out with this cold. So while I made it to the Student Journals Panel, I didn't get to attend the first meetings of any of the journals I decided I was interested in, and I didn't make the Student Practice Organizations info session (which I was the most excited of all about checking out.) Luckily, people in my section made it to both and reported back to me. After a few e-mails I should hopefully be able to join the groups I want with fairly little difficulty- I'm told these are mostly nice people who'll understand about my cold.

There's so much I still want to tell you about, like the tunnels (especially now that the weather's cooling down so much), my Law, Medicine, and Ethics first-year reading group, and my burgeoning social circle. But I just spent 2+ hours on a research assignment for LRW, and it is definitely bedtime. So I hope you won't mind if those other things have to wait.

Hoping you're all well. Special shout-outs to my invalid dog back in Austin, to Daddy for his recent birthday (Sept. 12) and Mom for hers (Sept. 21), and to Russell for the job interview he's got Monday. Congrats, Russell! Happy birthdays, parents! Healthy wishes, Tucker! And all my love to the rest of you.

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