Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well folks, this will be the second post in a row having little to do with law school- weird, since that's what dominates so much of my time these days.

I feel bad about these unrelated posts; they don't give you guys much of an idea about my daily life, which was always the purpose of this blog. But I wanted to let everyone know about a few other things that have been on my mind.

First, the good news: Russell got a job! His interview Monday afternoon went perfectly, and he's officially on the payroll at Spherion, the temp agency with whom Harvard contracts exclusively. I've heard this is how many people with permanent jobs at Harvard get hired- but regardless, it's a relief to see him finding an income source and something to do with his time. Yay!

Also: one of my cousins, Sarah Bess in Alabama, is having a baby as we speak! Literally, she's in labor right now- I've been getting text message updates. I'm doing my best to send positive thoughts of an easy, healthy delivery her way, and I hope you will, too.

Next, less good news: Russell left early this morning for a visit back home to Austin, and he won't be back until Sunday. Since he bought the plane tickets, I'd been looking ahead to this time expecting to feel a combination of loneliness and enjoyment of the privacy and space. (After all, before Russell found work he was home literally any time I was, and I think we were both beginning to feel the strain of that.) However, now that he's gone I find I'm mostly feeling the loneliness part. The peaceful apartment, big bed, and ability to go pee without closing the door are surprisingly poor consolation for not having him around. Sorry Russell, no guilt intended- just feel appreciated instead! And come home very, very soon.

But finally, faithful readers, I have some really lousy news to share. My dog back home, Tucker, had surgery a few weeks back (did I mention that?) to amputate one of her toes that was repeatedly getting infected. The surgery went well, and hopes were high- until today, when a biopsy on the toe came back positive for cancer.

This is complicated, because the sample's edges were all clean- meaning the vet probably got out the whole tumor. However, the lymph nodes in Tucker's leg are inflamed, which was attributed at first to the infection but might actually mean the cancer has already spread. Now my mom and I are faced with the difficult decision of whether to put Tucker back under the knife for a lymph node biopsy. She may not act or look like it, but she's 13 years old- so it's unlikely we'll seek chemo or radiation no matter what the biopsy says. That said, it could be good just to know- I think we're leaning toward having the test anyway.

So that's sad. And it definitely makes it harder to care about my copious Contracts reading, the closed memo I should be writing for Friday, or even the excitement of the upcoming 1L Section Cup. But I'm trying my best, and if I can just get through this week I should have something more cheery to offer you soon. (Yes, I know that's pretty much what I said last week. But a girl can dream, right?)

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melodyann said...

I'm so sorry about your puppy I saw your blog linked on your facebook and I will definitely be keeping up!!

It was such a treat to see Russell yesterday- he came by my office for about 10 minutes. Did he tell you about the fire?

We are taking good care of him here, and he'll be back home before you know it!

Sorry about all the lousiness, but I'm glad you're all settled in and doing so well!

Hugs, Melody