Saturday, July 19, 2008

I ought to know better

I need to learn not to delve into the comments people leave at the end of New York Times editorials; it only makes me mad. I was just reading a piece my friend recommended, comparing Sen. John McCain's public stance with his voting record on women's rights. It was really interesting, but I just ended up angry after reading WAY TOO MANY comments that amounted to:

I'm really selfish, and I hate helping other people. Don't you dare make me help other people! I get so angry at the prospect of being forced to help other people that I go crazy and entrust my precious liberties to the party of warrantless wiretaps, school prayer, and laws against certain kinds of sex.

Seriously. This, on an article about gender issues. People so selfish that they feel the need to post about it on completely unrelated New York Times editorials should be denied any service funded by other taxpayers for a couple of weeks and see how they like it.

Sorry. Political rant over.

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mimi said...

Loved your "I am selfish...." paraphrasing. Hit the nail on the head.