Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Silly visitors

If you're reading this, leave a comment so I know you were here!
It helps me feel popular.


dakota said...

Lea, this is from your Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Vern. Those pictures of your European trip look great. We are so proud of you and are totally excited about helping you make the move to Cambridge, whooohoooo.... Austin to Boston, here we come. Makes us want to take up sculling and ice hockey. Kathleen got so excited about your blog she didn't mean to cut the phone conversation short. Love you, Vern and Kathleen

bella said...

where is my roommate!? i miss her :(

ivy lea said...

you all are too precious.

mimi said...

This is going to be great fun to follow. Is it because you are still on Mediterranean time that you are blogging so "early" every morning?