Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No news is good news

Still in Austin, taking some time to enjoy this city before heading off to the new one! My roommate Bella has her whole family in town helping prepare for her move (an even bigger one than ours: she's off to London!) and with about six people to one ethernet cable, this is the first time I've had some quiet time at the computer in a while. They're perfectly welcome to stay, though- their packing is a great excuse to put off doing any of my own. (;

In the meantime, Russell and I have made a list of "Must-Do's" and "Maybe-Do's" to see one more time before we leave.

Must Do:
More Alamo Drafthouse ("w/Belor!" adds Bella*)
Barton/Barking Springs
Amy's Ice Cream (check)
Hyde Park Bar & Grill
Toy Joy
Chuy's tex-mex
Hillbert's milkshakes
Ginger Man pub
Vulcan Video (double check!)
Kerbey Lane Cafe

Maybe Do:
Live music
Fino restaurant
Mt. Bonnell
Dobie Mall & Theater
Harry Ransom Center / Blanton Museum
Buffalo Exchange
Texas Expresso
Fiesta Texas

I had a few of my own, like the Arboretum (check) and Austin Java (check, thanks to Bella yesterday!) but this is the basic list.

Meanwhile, I'm rediscovering Austin in another way by house hunting with my mom. So far, the candidates are two townhouse-type condos: one in Lakewood off Hwy 360, and one near Pond Springs, just off Hwy 183. I really hope to help her decide by the time I move, and that design advice (the Lakewood house would need some renovation) will work okay by e-mail and webcam!

Well, I think that's all for today. I'll try to write again soon- maybe once I've seen The Dark Knight, which I am SO excited about. (Also Wall-E, have you seen it yet? Do!) In the meantime, let's all wish a happy belated one-month birthday to my beautiful (and slightly rotund, I'm hearing) baby sister, Mirella!

See y'all around!

*Important note: Bella's monster name, Belor, is actually spelled with an Umlaut over the E. However we recently found out that this letter doesn't actually exist, so it cannot be typed.


bella said...

haha!! i am sad i will miss The Dark Night. *salivates*
i believe Russel and you should order cheese sticks in my honor. A root beer float is an acceptable substitute as well. :)

You are the greatest Lea Downey! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

ivy lea said...

Awww so sweet!

also, i learned (from Russell) that while an umlaut over an E still doesn't exist in German, it can in fact be typed. Whoops!

Dhananjay said...

Bëlor. Ë is a character in Albanian, like in the name of the capital city Tiranë.

Also, Fino should be a must!