Saturday, August 23, 2008


It's amazing how swiftly law school is approaching. The past three weeks have gone by in a blur, and in just 5 days I'll be showing up for orientation!

Last night Russell and I were invited to a party by a friend we'd made in our apartment building. She, her roommate, and the fellows next door to them are all architecture students at Harvard's Graduate School of Design, and one of their classmates was throwing a party to celebrate the end of their summer school exams. The best part of the party, besides it being right around the corner, was meeting a fellow future Harvard 1L! He's in a different section than mine, but is also interested in the Public Service Initiative and will definitely be at some of their optional orientation events I was planing to attend. We're both especially excited about their tour of Boston, which will visit some low-income areas and public interest organizations around the city. It was great to meet someone else who wants to go.

Well, Russell is getting off the phone with his family, and we can get back to the Lord of the Rings marathon we'd started before they called! Gotta squeeze in all those last important leisure activities before orientation starts!


Robert said...

Are you eating Lord of the Rings themed food while you watch. You at least have to have an ale and pretend you are at the green dragon. When I come to visit there while be so many drinking songs. Maybe I will even compose one special for the occasion.


ivy lea said...

well, boston actually HAS a pub called the green dragon! it's like 350 years old! i've been and it's great (even if it is the green dragon tavern, not the green dragon inn. oh well.)
we'll take you when you come up here. include it in your special song, and we'll sing it there!