Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Status update

Hi all, it's a sleepy morning here in Cambridge and I thought I'd take some time to give my curious readers the general lay of the land.

Since the move, Russell and I have been alternating between getting to know Cambridge/Boston (via the running of errands) and working on settling in at the apartment. For instance, yesterday we cooked breakfast and fiddled around with some boxes before setting out by subway for Northeastern University, where Russell would like to start taking ASL classes soon. He got all his questions answered, which was great- almost as great as the yummy lunch we got to have on nearby Newbury Street (: Then on the way home, we stopped by the hardware store for picture-hanging supplies and bought some fresh-picked corn at a farmer's market on the Harvard campus. We came home and hung up a few things before cooking dinner and giving in to the temptation of Russell's extensive DVD collection.

This is our problem: with only about 3 or 4 boxes left, the place is beginning to look like a home (albeit a really messy one.) But because of this, our progress has stalled quite a lot. Why unpack when you can already sit down and watch The Motorcycle Diaries all evening? Still, because the recycling goes out today (which means there'll be room in the courtyard downstairs for the last of our broken-down boxes), we've agreed to be through unpacking by bedtime tonight. I think we can manage it- and then I can finally post some pictures!

So I guess that's about all for now. Rest assured that we're thriving in this lovely, vibrant city even though we miss you all a lot. What we DON'T miss is the Texas heat- Cambridge is having a cool, rainy spell and only reaches the 70s most days- right now it's 65 with a stiff breeze! Can't wait to hear all your angry comments about that one. (:

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