Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The compartment!

Not a lot of news for you today. Russell and I have spent the past few days relaxing, watching the Olympics (how 'bout those men's gymnastics!) and worrying over our misbehaving refrigerator. It's on the fritz, but a newer, bigger one has apparently been ordered and will be here Friday! I think our frozen goods might spend that morning in the bathtub with bags of ice!

This morning we felt like a walk, so we headed down to the Whole Foods near Inman Square. We bought some dry goods and produce (no use adding to the quantities of refrigerated foods we're struggling to keep cool) and ate lunch at the fabulous nearby All-Star Sandwich Bar- remember passing by it over and over, Vern? It was delicious, we thought of you. (:

We've been in touch with some friends in the area lately- the other night we had a dear high school friend of mine over for dinner, and tonight we're heading out for some live music with one of Russell's friends from UT Classics. Should be a nice reward for all the hard work Russell has been putting in applying online for jobs!

Besides that, it's been pretty quiet. Like I said, not much news- but I do finally have pictures of our new apartment! (Or as we like to call it, the Compartment. It isn't very big. You'll see.)

Here they are, better late than never:

Our building from outside

In the lobby

Our little entryway

View down the hall


Bedroom viewed from the window

Bathroom with awesome claw-foot tub

Living room

Living room windows

View from living room

Tiny but functional kitchen

View from kitchen window

Well, I hope you've enjoyed my little tour! I also hope you aren't all too miserable in your various triple-digit climes. I'll try to write again a few times before things get too crazy... Harvard orientation is the 28th and I don't expect life to move this slowly ever again after that!


mimi said...

Great shots of the compartment. It looks so pretty, warm and interesting. The pics don't do justice, though, to your amazing living room windows!!!

Next you should take pictures of your walk to school and your walk to the food master!!

Russell said...

you are on the other side of the room. hi!

Anush said...

It's adorable. I love it! I like the view from the living room the best.