Saturday, August 16, 2008

Law school news, finally

Hi again, and thanks for waiting patiently through so many weeks of mundane posts about everyday life when what you really wanted to hear about was Harvard!

Well here, finally, is some news about law school itself. My mom (because I'm not on top of things enough to have changed my mailing address online yet) recently received a packet of information about my upcoming L1 Orientation at Harvard! She only read me the cover letter by telephone, but so far I know that I'm in Section #7 (most law schools sort entering students into sections that take all their classes together) and our faculty advisor is a man named Todd Rakoff, whom the faculty directory tells me is an Administrative Law professor who's been involved in Harvard's first-year program for decades now.

I'm sure I'll find out much more from the packet, which Mom is sending on by mail. But I did also get an e-mail from the registrar with Web links to both my orientation and fall course schedules!

Here's what orientation will look like:

Thursday, August 28
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Activities Include:
• Section meeting with Faculty Leader
• Campus Tour
• Class Photograph
• Registration for Classes
• Financial Aid Presentation
Section Dinners with Faculty Leader will occur on Thursday, August 28th.

Friday, August 29
• Section Meeting with Faculty Leader
• Lunch with Board of Student Advisers Leader
• Welcome Speech from Dean Elena Kagan
• Welcome Reception

Saturday, August 30 - 10:30a.m. - 1:00p.m.
• Tours of Boston and/or Cambridge locations
• New England Aquarium
• Fenway Park
• Museum of Fine Arts
• Freedom Trail
• Beacon Hill Black History Walk
• Harvard Campus and Cambridge Tour

Sunday, August 31
• Super Duck Tours of Boston
• Ice Cream Social on Jarvis Field
• Outdoor Movie on Jarvis Field

Then later there's something called Orientation II...

Activities Include:
• Public Service Orientation
• State of the School Speech by Dean Elena Kagan - September 15th
• Student Journals Fair - September 15th
• Safety Discussion with HUPD - September 16th
• Student Practice Organization Fair - September 16th
• Student Organizations/Activities Fair - September 17th
• Wellness Fair - September 17th

Now for my fall courses (eep!) The website had them all out of order, so I copied them by day of the week and am now pasting them here. Sorry for the lack of capitalization (:

10:15-11:30 civil procedure w/ christine desan
1-3 torts w/ richard lazarus

10:15-11:30 civil procedure w/christine desan
1-3 torts w/ richard lazarus

8:35-9:55 legislation & regulation w/todd rakoff
10:15-11:30 civil procedure w/christine desan
1-2:15 contracts w/ john coates

8:35-9:55 legislation & regulation w/todd rakoff
1-2:15 contracts w/ john coates
3-5 pm legal research & writing w/ bangs or true-frost

8:35-9:55 legislation & regulation w/ todd rakoff
10-12 faculty leader meeting w/ todd rakoff
1-2:15 contracts w/ john coates

So there you have it! News about Harvard at last! Now if I could just get my immunization records all together, rid myself of the godawful insect bites I've been covered in lately and am seeing a Harvard Health Services dermatologist about on Monday, and get our apartment's internet to go wireless so I can stop stealing from next door... I'd be set.

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mimi said...

Wow ...the schedule looks challenging! From the calendar of events, I could not quite tell when you actually begin attending classes...or did I miss somethig?

Don't forget to call your mother when you have seen the dermatologist